Meet The Teachers


Swimming Teacher

My Name is Clare,

I have been teaching since 2004, and have been working at Liscombe since 2017.

I have always loved swimming since a child, and I still swim a lot now, when I can. My daughters who are both grown ups now are keen swimmers as well.

Teaching is very rewarding to me, its level to see children progressing, week by week in this sport. Swimming is so important and is lifeskill, and I love teaching it.


Swimming Teacher

Hello, my names Connor and I’ve been a swimming instructor for the last 7 years having taught a wide range of children from ages 4-16.

I was a competitive swimmer at a high level and love to use my skills to help inspire those to get the most out of their swimming.


Swim Co-ordinator

I have been the swim school co-ordinator at Liscombe swim academy for nearly 3 years, which can be quite challenging at times, but I love watching all the little ones come in the doors, nervous, clinging to their parents but within a few weeks they lean so much and become much more self assured.

knowing they take this away from the pool and into the other parts of their lives, gaining self worth and being more confident generally makes me feel very proud of what we do here at Liscombe.


Swimming Teacher

I have been involved in swimming since I was born, having weekly swimming lessons.

This progressed to me swimming competitively for a local club. I still train 8 times per week and my biggest achievement so far is a silver medal in the 200m butterfly at the Scottish nationals. I am aiming to compete at British nationals. I really enjoy teaching young people how to swim and also increase their confidence in the water. I firmly believe that swimming is an important lifeskill, even if, not everyone goes on to become a competitive swimmer.

My favourite aspect of swim teaching is seeing the progress everyone makes week on week. I also love to see the joy that both swimmers and parents have when they are ready to progress to the next stage.



Swimming Teacher

Hi I am Graeme, G to those who know me. I have been involved in swimming so many years…… I first got involved when my two sons started to swim in the ‘learn to swim’ program for Leighton Buzzard swimming club. I am not one to sit on my hands and just watch, so I was very happy to help wherever and whenever I could. Fast forward to today, both my sons have now left the sport and I am still there.


Swimming Teacher

Hello Im Klara,

I have been a swimmer all my life and I am an ex crusaders club swimmer. I competed until I was 15, and coaching as a volunteer to the club also. I have worked at everyday at Liscombe for the last few years and teach all ages from babies to children and adults.

I love teaching the children because it is so rewarding to see the progression in the children’s strokes as they move through the learn to swim stages. To have taught children who wouldn’t want to get into the pool at first, to now not waned to get out of the pool at the end of the lesson is the best feeling. I love having the children enjoy their swimming lessons and wanting to get better.


Swimming Teacher

I have grown up around swimming from a very young age. I first went to county swimming at the age of 9 and progressed from there. My biggest achievement is becoming no.1 in all breaststroke races within the whole of Bedfordshire and managing to reach the national teams.

I now enjoy teaching children of all ages and all levels to inspire them to have the same passion for swimming that I still have. It is very rewarding to watch my students grow into confident, safe and competent swimmers.


Swimming Teacher

I teach everything from babies to adults and everything in-between I.E stages 1-10.

I got into teaching because I was a swimmer from the age of 12 to 17, in that I broke a few British records and European record.

Through swimming I met a lot of people that influenced me and made me the teacher that i am today. 

Cant wait to meet you all!


Swimming Teacher

I have always loved water from a very young age and have participated in various water sports over the years including swimming, sailing, canoeing, diving (Paddy qualified) and attempted water skiing (but not very good!). I also took up running in secondary school and have now run over a hundred half & full marathons plus competed in Iron Man a couple of times.  I still run but getting slower and slower with age!

My daughter also took to water from the age of four months and at 8 she joined Leighton Buzzard swimming club. It was there that I got involved with the coaching at the club. They then supported me in gaining my level 2 teaching qualification. This then enabled me to both coach and start a career in teaching. Having got so much out of sport, I now want to give back by helping children and adults to develop water skills so that they too can enjoy swimming.  


Swimming Teacher

Hi, Im swim teacher Sindy.

Its not just teaching a life saving skill that I love about my job. its seeing nervous swimmers grow in confidence and learning to believe in themselves as they do through the stages.

I have been working at Liscombe Swim Academy for 7.5 years, and was taken on to help with the set up of the swim school from the start. I am so proud of myself for what I have personally achieved seeing the swim school grow has been personally very rewarding.

My job is just Swimtastic!